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caring living working Cofinimmo at a glance Q2 2023 update

Cofinimmo infigures as at 30.06.2023 ±1,250 13 years 6.2 billion EUR 5.4% ±2,480,000 m2 47.6% 98.5% 1.4% assets weighted average residual lease length fair value of the portfolio gross rental yield at 100 % occupancy total surface area debt-to-assets ratio occupancy rate average cost of debt Portfolio breakdown by segment (at fair value) Geographical breakdown of portfolio (at fair value) 73% HEALTHCARE REAL ESTATE 10% THE NETHERLANDS 15% GERMANY 14% OTHERS* 20% OFFICES 8% FRANCE 7% PROPERTY OF DISTRIBUTION NETWORKS 53% BELGIUM * ES 6% - FI 2 % - IE 2 % - IT 4% - UK 1%

Who arewe ? Cofinimmo has been acquiring, developing and managing rental properties for almost 40 years. The company has a portfolio spread across Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom with a value of approximately 6.2 billion EUR. Responding to societal changes, Cofinimmo’s mission is to provide high-quality care, living, and working spaces to partner-tenants from which users benefit directly. ‘Caring, Living and Working - Together in Real Estate’ is the expression of this mission. Thanks to its expertise, Cofinimmo has assembled a healthcare real estate portfolio of approximately 4.5 billion EUR in Europe. Through its investments, Cofinimmo is actively participating in the operation, maintenance, expansion and renewal of the healthcare property portfolio in nine countries. As an independent company that applies the highest standards of corporate governance and sustainability, Cofinimmo offers tenants services and manages its portfolio through a team of approximately 160 employees in Brussels, Paris, Breda, Frankfurt and Madrid. Cofinimmo is listed on Euronext Brussels (BEL20) and benefits from the REIT status in Belgium (RREC), France (SIIC) and the Netherlands (FBI). Its activities are supervised by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), the Belgian regulator. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1. Belgium 2. France 3. Netherlands 4. Germany 5. Spain 6. Finland 7. Ireland 8. Italy 9. United Kingdom

What is ourmission ? Responding to societal changes, Cofinimmo’s mission is to provide high-quality care, living, and working spaces to partner-tenants from which users benefit directly. ‘Caring, Living and Working – Together in Real Estate’ is the expression of this mission. More specifically, Cofinimmo’s mission is to: • Promote, within its high-quality care, living, and working spaces, creative exchanges for inspiration and well-being through the provision of services that anticipate and respond to the needs and aspirations of their occupants; • Provide an inspiringwork and living environment, in service of an exciting commercial project; • Provide shareholders with the opportunity to make long-term, socially responsible, and low risk investments that generate recurring, predictable, and growing revenue streams that fuel dividends as well as returns to the community. Beyond the stakeholders identified above, the community itself greatly benefits from Cofinimmo’s services on many levels, whether in healthcare, the working world or simply in places where people exchange and share. Furthermore, Cofinimmo contributes to enhancement and renovation of public and parapublic property through its participation in large-scale projects undertaken by way of public-private partnerships. Caring, Living andWorking - Together in Real Estate. XNursing and care home – Cartagena (ES)

Howdowe carry out ourmission ? 73% caring To be a leading European healthcare REIT with a top quality portfolio, also participating in innovative real estate concepts addressing healthcare challenges 7% living An opportunity-seeking approach with long-term income 20% working Creating value through capital recycling

caring With a portfolio spread over nine countries that covers the full spectrum of care, from primary to acute care and skilled nursing facilities, Cofinimmo is currently one of the major investors in healthcare real estate in Europe. The group intends to further strengthen this position in the coming years. Cofinimmo actively participates in the expansion and renewal of the healthcare property portfolio in Europe through its many development projects.

living Cofinimmo’s property of distribution networks portfolio consists of pubs and restaurants leased to the AB InBev brewery group (Pubstone) and insurance agencies leased to the MAAF insurance company (Cofinimur I). These portfolios, acquired in 2007 and 2011 through sale & leaseback transactions, generate long-term revenues. Cofinimmo also invests in special-use buildings in Belgium through public-private partnerships (PPPs). It thus contributes to the renovation and improvement of public and parapublic real estate assets. To date, the PPP portfolio consists of seven assets in operation.

working As an important player in Brussels’ office sector for almost 40 years, Cofinimmo draws on its accumulated experience in the sector to dynamically and proactively manage its portfolio of office buildings. Rental management, developments adapted to new working methods, renovation and conversion programmes, and asset arbitrage are carried out with a long-term view.

Our ESGengagement Environment ESG strategy Social Governance Cofinimmo’s ESG commitments are of central importance in its strategic priorities. The company has economic responsibilities towards its clients-tenants, social responsibilities towards its employees and civic responsibilities towards society and the environment. ESG is embedded in the organisation as evidenced by application of ESG reporting guidelines (GRI, sBPR EPRA, Euronext ESG), and by assessments (GRESB, CDP, Sustainalytics, MSCI ESG, Vigeo Eiris, Standard Ethics, BREEAM). Since February 2023, Cofinimmo is also included in the Euronext BEL ESG index. Cofinimmo believes that it is possible to aim for a carbon neutral society by 2050 while serving the interests of all its stakeholders. Its 30³ project is part of this approach and contributes directly to its objective of reducing GHG emissions, validated by the Science-Based Tardgets initiative (SBTi). The objective of this ambitious project is to reduce the energy intensity by 30% (compared to the 2017 level) by 2030 to reach 130 kWh/m². To achieve this objective, a 360-degree approach, taking into account the entire life cycle of buildings will be applied. This corporate project concerns both the office and healthcare real estate segments, as well as all activities managed directly within the company such as disposals and acquisitions, development, project management, and day-to-day management of the buildings. For more information, please refer to the 2021 universal registration document.

CONTACT US Cofinimmo SA/NV Boulevard de la Woluwedal 58 1200 Brussels T +32 2 373 00 00