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Our values

At Cofinimmo our values are a compass for our daily interaction with each other, our customers and other stakeholders. They originated from a culture scan during which our staff expressed their personal beliefs, convictions and motivators. The outcome allowed us to define essential behaviors to realize our inspiring business purpose.

We genuinely care about our people, stakeholders and the planet

We care about our people, because their daily commitment leads to a successful execution of our strategy. It is key to recognize each other for top contributions and to invest in our people to allow everyone to reach their full potential. We empower each other to take initiative, be a role model and feel accountable for our actions.

We also care about our stakeholders.
Our shareholders, because they provide us with the necessary resources to excel at our job. Our customers, because our success depends on theirs. Through our strategic relationships, we help them to define their needs within the development of high quality, creative and innovative real estate solutions. The elderly, patients seeking care, employees working in a hybrid setting, people using our infrastructure to meet, share moments or create memories,…
We care about our suppliers who are strategic partners to our success.

We care about the planet.
Cofinimmo has always been a pioneer in ESG. We do not wait for changes in the legislation before responsibly taking action. We look for innovative and energy-saving solutions to save the planet for future generations. We lead the way in providing the most sustainable housing or building solutions.

We can only be successful by reaching out to each other and working together

We can only be successful by working together, internally as well as externally.

Together we will always achieve more. We align our actions and make sure we understand how individual contributions serve common goals. In an open culture we are transparent, share knowledge, provide feedback and feed-forward to help each other achieve our objectives and stimulate each other to grow.

We reach out with curiosity. With a global mindset we understand new markets. We value, build and maintain networks, appreciate diverse perspectives and points of view within and outside our industry.

Our staff members are proud Cofinimmo ambassadors as they connect with others.

We are agile, committed to value-creation and delivering on result

Cofinimmo wants to be a trusted partner through its agility, commitment to value-creation and delivery on results.

We courageously embrace change. We challenging ourselves, each other and the status quo. We explore opportunities in thinking and doing. We aim for a first-time-right approach, but allow for honest mistakes as a part of growth, innovation and change.

We also deliver on promises. This requires a ‘can do’ mindset as we plan, organize and prioritize. We do not give up and bounce back when faced with set-backs.

As proud experts we aim for excellence and top results. We create qualitative and sustainable solutions to stay ahead of the market. As a frontrunner, we have the ambition to lead the way in setting new best practices.

Our staff on 31.12.2021

On 31.12.2021, Cofinimmo employed 150 employees, of whom 57% female and 43% male employees.

Our corporate social responsibility

As a major player in the real estate professions, Cofinimmo intends to behave as a responsible and civil-minded company in relation to its physical environment and the communities within which it operates, striving to go beyond the mere minimum or legal obligations.

Improving the living and working environments, reducing the ecological footprint, building in a sustainable manner and optimising the use of spaces: those are the commitments of all of Cofinimmo’s employees.

Our awards

Investors in People is a standard for people management, offering accreditation to organisations that adhere to the Investors in People Standard. The current framework reflects the latest workplace trends, leading practices and employee conditions required to create outperforming teams. The latest framework focuses on three key areas: leading, supporting and improving. Since 2018 Cofinimmo acquired the ‘Gold’ level accreditation as recognition for its professional investment in people.

Most innovative legal department Best Belgian Employer Investor in People Pension Ambassador Award

Our added values

Cofinimmo wishes to improve and develop in a variety of areas essential to the motivation and commitment of each of its employees: transparent and proactive communication; regular and diverse meetings between colleagues, open feedback culture, supportive leadership, investment in employees to become the best version of themselves, motivating rewards that allow sharing in the company's success, hybrid work opportunities, work-life balance and sustainable and attractive mobility solutions.

Roel Dumont

Roel Dumont

Head of HR & Internal Communication

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