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Our staff at 31.12.2020

On 31.12.2020, Cofinimmo employed 135 employees, of whom 59% female and 41% male employees.

Our values

Challenging oneself is an attitude that Cofinimmo has always adopted in order to perfectly fit into the dynamic world we live in. The key values, Connectivity, Accountability and Customer Experience, were chosen to be closely in line with company's societal ambitions. The concepts Reliability and Pioneer are the attitudes and behaviours linked to these key values. These are skills expected from every employee.

Our values

Our corporate social responsibility

As a major player in the real estate professions, Cofinimmo intends to behave as a responsible and civil-minded company in relation to its physical environment and the communities within which it operates, striving to go beyond the mere minimum or legal obligations.

Improving the living and working environments, reducing the ecological footprint, building in a sustainable manner and optimising the use of spaces: those are the commitments of all of Cofinimmo’s employees.

Our awards

The Investor in People (IiP) label underlines this essential deployment of knowledge. The human ressources department works with managers and employees to draw up an individual development plan. In 2018, Cofinimmo achieved the “Gold” level of the IiP label.

Most innovative legal department Best Belgian Employer Investor in People Pension Ambassador Award

Our added values

Cofinimmo wishes to improve and develop in a variety of areas essential to the motivation and commitment of each of its employees: transparent and proactive communication; assessment, feed-back and reward processes; individual and team coaching; training culture; work/life balance; accountability; etc.

Roel Dumont

Roel Dumont

Head of HR & Internal Communication

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