Since its establishment in 1983, Cofinimmo has been a major player in the office market, which is composed of different sub-segments.

Thanks to its long experience in office real estate, Cofinimmo relies on a management model that offers an integrated services platform. Cofinimmo’s offices portfolio is currently mainly composed of 49 buildings with a total surface of approximately 388,000 m² and an approximate value of 1.2 billion EUR, representing around 19% of the company’s total portfolio. It is mainly located in Brussels' Central Business District (CBD), as a result of the recentering to that area, initiated mid-2018. Simultaneously, the internal teams follow the dynamics of the market demands with regards to flexibility and innovation and collaborate to achieve the best possible results in terms of energy efficiency and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance).

On 29.10.2021, Cofinimmo carried out the contribution of its business unit offices into a wholly-owned subsidiary, named Cofinimmo Offices SA/NV. This subsidiary has obtained the status of an institutional regulated real estate company (IRREC).

Concepts innovants

All office properties

Consult ‘Property report’ in the full version of the 2022 Universal registration document

Share in overall portfolio

19 %
Portfolio fair value

1.2 billion EUR
Occupancy rate

93,5 %
Average residual lease length
5 years