Materiality analysis

Dialogue with stakeholders

Fully aware of the impact of its activities, Cofinimmo maintains an ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders at every stage of a building’s life cycle. The aim is to strike a balance between various stakeholder interests, by recognising the importance of protected natural areas, heritage conservation, local traffic, retail activity, residents’ well-being, etc. It also considers the needs of future occupants and the level of profitability required to compensate its investment.

Priority issues

The materiality analysis, shown on the infographics below, consists of 3 circles, each representing one pillar. The topics appearing in each of the circles indicate a sustainability challenge for the company. Their position in the circle reflects their importance, which is determined not only by the way the topic they represent is perceived by stakeholders but also by the impact this same factor could have in the long term, as estimated internally by Cofinimmo.
The area delineated by the inner circle contains the 6 priority areas for action of the 15 areas identified internally. The other topics in the materiality analysis are not considered to be a priority and lie outside of the circle. This does not reflect disinterest, but can be explained by the fact that the topics are subject to strict legislation that requires companies to deal with them, irrespective of the perception of their importance within the company, or the fact that these topics have gained maturity within green business process management.

Materiality matrix