About us

Our properties

Cofinimmo owns a diversified property portfolio spread over Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom worth approximately 6.2 billion EUR, representing a total surface area of approximately 2,500,000 m². Its main investment segments are healthcare real estate (75.5%), distribution networks (7%) and offices (17.5%).

Cofinimmo also plays a role in the renovation and improvement of the public and non-profit real estate portfolio in Belgium. It holds several specific buildings such as courthouses, fire stations or prisons let to the public authorities over very long terms.

As an independent company that consistently applies the highest corporate governance and sustainability standards, Cofinimmo services its tenants and manages its properties through a team of more than 155 people, operating from offices in Brussels (headquarters), Paris, Breda, Frankfurt and Madrid.

Strategic focus



Asset acquisitions.
Rating based on various factors:

- health care ecosystem
- intrinsic qualities
- energy performance
- operator-tenant
- location
- local environment

(Re)development projects

Asset arbitrage

Diversification by country, by operator-tenant and by asset type

Sustainable development

Follow-up of the financial performance of acquired sites

Offices in Brussels

Cofinimmo is focusing on the rebalancing of its office portfolio between the various sub-segments, in favor of high-quality buildings located in the Central Business District (‘CBD’).

Proximity to clients

Proactive rental management

Redevelopment projects

Selective arbitrage of assets

Sustainable development

Opportunistic investments

Property of distribution networks

Public-Private Partnerships