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Property of distribution networks


Cofinimmo also invests in buildings used by operating companies as networks of selling points for the direct sale of products or services to their clients. These assets are regrouped under the property of distribution networks sector and represent 7.5% of the consolidated portfolio.

In 2007 and 2011, Cofinimmo acquired by means of a sale and leaseback transaction, the real estate of two distribution networks: pubs and restaurants in Belgium and in the Netherlands rented to AB InBev, as well as insurance agencies in France rented to MAAF, a subsidiary of the French insurer Covéa. The fair value of the property of distribution networks portfolio amounts to approximately 500 million EUR.

By acquiring these property assets and assuming responsibility for their structural upkeep of walls, roofs, external woodworks and facades, Cofinimmo allows the operating companies to focus on their core business. At the same time, it does not take any risk connected with the operational activities of these partners.

For both these networks, there is only one single corporate tenant and one long lease agreement, which generate a positive impact as well as high rental yields. The quality of the property locations guarantees an attractive residual value too.

Cofinimmo's in-house specialised teams assume the follow-up of the structural upkeep of the assets of both networks.

In november 2023, Cofinimmo completed the large-scale disposal of the Cofinimur I-portfolio, which consisted of insurance agencies leased to the French MAAF group (265 assets at that time).

Key figures

  • Share in overall portfolio: 7.5%
  • Portfolio fair value: 0.5 Billion EUR
  • Occupancy rate: 99.7%
  • Average residual lease length: 11 years


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