Key facts

Our history

Founded in 1983, Cofinimmo was originally an investor in office real estate. In 2005, riding on demographic trends, Cofinimmo moved into healthcare real estate with a diversification in terms of country, operator and medical speciality.

At the end of 2007, Cofinimmo acquired an entire portfolio of pubs in Belgium and the Netherlands, owned until then by Immobrew SA, a subsidiary of AB InBev and renamed Pubstone SA.

In December 2011 Cofinimmo acquired a portfolio of insurance services agencies in France, rented to the group MAAF, a subsidiary of the French insurance group Covéa. This acquisition was made by a newly established subsidiary of Cofinimmo, named Cofinimur I.

After several years of intensive prospection in Belgium, in France, in the Netherlands, in Germany, as well as a first project in Spain in 2019, Cofinimmo has become one of the most important healthcare real estate investors in Continental Europe.

Today, healthcare properties represent more than 59% of Cofinimmo's total portfolio.

1983 : Establishment
1994 : Listing on the Brussels Stock Exchange
1996: Adoption of the REIT regime
2005: Diversification of the portfolio. First investment in healthcare real estate in Belgium
2007: Acquisition of a first property of distribution networks (sale and lease back with AB InBev)
2009-2011: Healthcare real estate is brought to one third of the portfolio
2013: Start of the reconversion works of office buildings into residential units
2014: Establishment in Germany in the healthcare real estate segment. In the Netherlands the healthcare real estate segment reaches 90 million EUR
2015: Capital increase for an amount of 285.4 million EUR
2016: Inaugural issue of 'Green & Social Bonds' - private placement of 55 million EUR
2018: Capital increase for an amount of 155 million EUR. 50% of global portfolio invested in healthcare real estate
2019: Establishment in Spain in the healthcare real estate segment