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The Netherlands

Cofinimmo launched its activities in healthcare real estate in the Netherlands in 2012 with the acquisition of a private clinic located near Amsterdam. Since then, the group has extended and diversified its portfolio which now amounts to approximately 495 million EUR (as at 31.03.2024) and consists of nursing and care homes, medical office buildings, rehabilitation, psychiatric and acute care clinics, as well as assisted-living and disabled care facilities. In 2021, the group acquired a newly-built care complex in Hattem. This new model, where various healthcare specialties work together as a network, is an example of how the healthcare sector will be shaped in the future.

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Project in the spotlight


This outdated rehabilitation centre located in Rotterdam was (re)developed into a modern and sustainable care campus of approximately 11,000 m². The site is located in a green environment and is easily accessible by car and public transport.

The project, which was conducted together with Fundis, was initiated in 2019 and consisted in the complete renovation of the rehabilitation centre and the demolition and reconstruction of a nursing and care home. The new complex covers various care functions such as care pension, medical rehabilitation centre, general practice, physio exercise room, day-care centre and a place for residents with dementia or somatic disorders.

With this forward-looking project, delivered in May 2022, we clearly set a new milestone in healthcare real estate. The goal of this care campus was not only to meet the residents’ needs, but also to create a central place to live for the entire neighbourhood and, by doing so, to fight against the isolation of care-dependent elderly. Another great contribution of Cofinimmo in the renewal, extension and development of healthcare infrastructure in Europe.