The new BEL ESG index

Cofinimmo’s ESG commitments are central to its strategic priorities and the group pays particular attention to the alignment between its financial strategy and its ESG objectives. The company has economic responsibilities towards its clients-tenants, social responsibilities towards its employees and civic responsibilities towards society and the environment.

On 15 February 2023, Euronext launched the BEL® ESG, a new index that identifies and tracks the companies within the BEL® 20 and the BEL® Mid indices that have demonstrated the best ESG practices.

The BEL® ESG Index is designed to facilitate the adoption of mainstream sustainable investment solutions by investors.

It is the fifth ESG Index variant for national blue-chip indices, following the launch of the CAC® 40 ESG (France), the MIB® ESG (Italy), the AEX® ESG (The Netherlands) and the OBX® ESG (Norway).

Designed in partnership with Sustainalytics, a leading provider of ESG research, ratings and data, the BEL® ESG is fully compliant with the Belgian Central Labelling Agency’s ‘Towards Sustainability’ label, a high-quality standard for sustainable financial products such as indices and funds.

A pioneer in ESG since 15 years, Cofinimmo is proud to have joined the BEL ESG index.