Shareholder information

Preference shares

Call option preference shares

On 25.04.2019, in accordance with article 8.3 of the company's articles of association, the board of directors decided to exercise the right to designate a subsidiary of Cofinimmo SA/NV to purchase preference shares I (isin BE0003813301) and preference shares II (isin BE0003811289).

In accordance with the company’s articles of association, Cofinimmo offered the holders of preference shares the possibility to request the conversion of their preference shares into ordinary shares (1:1 ratio) for a period of one month, running from 29.05.2019 until 30.06.2019.

During this conversion period, Cofinimmo received conversion requests for 97,5% of the outstanding preference shares. These conversions were recorded by notary deed on 12.07.2019 and resulted in the creation of a total of 680,603 new ordinary shares of the company.

There has been no conversion request for 1,257 preference shares I and 15,875 preference shares II as at 30.06.2019. Therefore, these preference shares were purchased by Gestone III SA/NV on 12.07.2019.

Gestone III SA/NV sent a conversion request for the purchased preference shares to Cofinimmo. This conversion into ordinary shares were also recorded on 12.07.2019. As at this date, the Cofinimmo capital consists exclusively of 25,849,283 ordinary shares.

Main characteristics of the preference shares :

  • Priority right to an annual fixed dividend of 6.37 EUR gross per share, capped at this amount;
  • Priority right in case of liquidation to a distribution equal to the issue price, capped at this amount;
  • Possibility for the holder to convert his preference shares into ordinary shares;
  • Option for a third party designated by Cofinimmo, to redeem the preference shares not yet converted at their issue price from the 15th anniversary of their issuing.

Capital composition

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Number of shares 25,849,283 22,311,112 20,667,381 20,345,637 20,344,378
Number of preference shares 0 682,136 683,493 685,553 685,848
Total number of shares 25,849,283 22,993,248 21,350,874 21,031,190 21,030,226

Notifications of share conversions

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
First conversion period N/A
Second conversion period Call option N/A
Third conversion period N/A
Fourth conversion period N/A