Since its establishment in 1983, Cofinimmo has been a major player in the Brussels office market, which is composed of different sub-segments.

It is in this market that the company has built its expertise in real estate over the past 35 years. Specifically, Cofinimmo’s staff is well-versed in the A to Z management of major projects encompassing the design, construction, renovation, reconversion and development of sites, with the goal of either renting or selling. It is an expert in every aspect of the building life cycle. This know-how has expanded from offices to healthcare real estate, property of distribution networks and PPPs, which benefit from the synergies thus created.

After having divested large office spaces which are considered as term risks, Cofinimmo is emphasising the rebalancing of its offices portfolio by reducing its presence in the Brussels decentralised zone to the benefit of high-quality buildings located in the Central Business District (‘CBD’). The vacancy rate in this sector, which is weaker than the average in the Brussels market, makes it possible to obtain higher net returns.

With a portfolio of approximately 1.4 billion EUR representing a total surface of 541,000 m², Cofinimmo is one of the key players in the office real estate market in Belgium.

Concepts innovants

All office properties

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Share in overall portfolio

29 %
Portfolio fair value

1.4 billion EUR
Occupancy rate

92.3 %
Average residual lease length
5 years