Governance & policies

As a major player in the real estate sector, Cofinimmo intends to behave as a socially responsible and community-minded company with regard to its physical environment as well as with the local authorities within which it operates, striving to go beyond the minimum requirements or legal obligations.

All of Cofinimmo's employees agree to focus their efforts in this direction because improving the living environment of its customers and employees, reducing its carbon footprint or assisting the local authorities can only be achieved by joining forces, skills, and ideas.

The Board of Directors and the Executive committee therefore support employees in the rollout of projects that are realistic and likely to have an impact.

In order to ensure the fulfilment of its sustainable development policy, in 2010 the Executive committee created the "Sustainability committee", which has the task of continually identifying and assessing all the elements that can improve its strategy with regard to sustainable development.

Sustainable development commitee