Governance & policies



Cofinimmo’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is supervised by the Sustainability Committee, whose role is to constantly identify and assess all factors contributing to sustainable development. The Committee has 10 members representing, on the one hand, the departments directly involved in property management for the Group’s portfolio, all business lines combined (Property Management, Project Management, Quality Management) and, on the other hand, the legal, communications and human resources departments. The committee is chaired by the Head of Property Services & CSR who reports directly to the Executive Committee.

Sustainable development organisation

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is particularly responsible for:

  • proposing specific, economically reasonable measures to improve the company’s environmental performances, its portfolio and, by extension, the spaces occupied by its tenants;
  • developing initiatives to better incorporate sustainable development into the Group’s strategy;
  • ensuring that the Group complies with legal, national and international environmental requirements;
  • communicating the Group’s accomplishments to all stakeholders.

Environmental manager

Cofinimmo also employs a full-time Environmental manager. This manager, who is a member of the Sustainability Committee, is responsible for working on the ground in collaboration with opera­tional teams to implement the Group’s environmental strategy in all business lines.

Strategic sustainable development proposals are validated or amended by the Executive committee which in turn has them validated by the Board of Directors as part of the annual review of the company’s overall strategy.