Portfolio management

Responsible portfolio

Cofinimmo strives to integrate both social and environmental elements into its overall strategy. Beyond its mere legal obligations, Cofinimmo endeavours to adopt a proactive approach towards improving its physical environment, in particular by reducing its carbon footprint and favouring civil-minded and responsible projects. As a major player in the property market, Cofinimmo demonstrates its corporate social responsibility at every level, through its relationships with its clients, suppliers and partners.

Sustainable development

Thanks to its diversification strategy, Cofinimmo was able to develop an expertise in the various segments of its portfolio, enabling the company to reposition its buildings at best at the end of their technical life cycle. Each reconversion and/or redevelopment improves the energy performance of a building and its comfort criteria. The long life cycle of buildings prompts Cofinimmo to be as ambitious as possible in terms of sustainability within the limits of its economic profitability.