Governance & policies


Cofinimmo’s environmental policy is based on 3 activities:

  1. Acquisition and redevelopment of the portfolio (Development);
  2. Construction and renovation of the portfolio (Project management);
  3. Sustainable management of the portfolio (Property management)

The company adopts different standards and certifications for its buildings in order to increase their attractiveness in the real estate market.


Certification iso 14001


In order to formalise its environmental achievements, Cofinimmo has a ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management System (EMS) for all activities during the portfolio's life cycle: property management of its office assets, headquarters included, development and project management for any type of building. The system is regularly updated.
Under ISO 14001:2015, Cofinimmo’s 4 main commitments are :

  • compliance with environmental regulations and other requirements ;
  • continual improvement ;
  • prevention of pollution ;
  • transparency in communication.


Breeam logo


Several buildings have been BREEAM certified. BREEAM In-Use is a sub-program of BREEAM, which certifies the longevity of existing buildings. The areas analysed are not limited to energy performance. In fact, it covers the following aspects: Energy, Water, Materials, Transport, Waste, Pollution, Healthcare and Well-being, Management, Plot of Land and Ecology. At the end of the certification process, a rating is awarded to the building and its property management (Acceptable, Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding).

Life cycle analysis (LCA)

Cofinimmo worked out a very qualitative LCA approach. A reflection, as from the design (or reallocation) phase of the building, enables upstream choices on the work program (reuse of interior elements), construction principles (demolition or renovation) and used materials. It also takes into account the building’s evolutionary (assignment) potential, as well as the intrinsic need to construct or renovate sustainable and flexible buildings. This method is supported by BREEAM certification and ISO 14001 standards.