Major trends

Cofinimmo must adapt to the world of tomorrow and integrate society’s major trends in its strategy or risk as its buildings become rapidly obsolete and, as such, endanger its economic sustainability. The company is building more efficient buildings and managing them more cost-effectively in response to increasing regulations on energy performance.

Healthcare real estate

Population ageing and changes in healthcare are creating new needs in accommodation for elderly and sick people. The sector must respond to the growing demand for diversified infrastructures in the care market (revalidation clinics, psychiatric clinics, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, disabled care facilities) and in the cure market (medical office buildings, specialised acute care clinics).
Cofinimmo supports medical facility operators in this adaption process. It helps them renovate and extend their property portfolio in order to meet the current and future demands for housing and care.


Changes in working habits towards more flexible and mobile approaches (coworking, teleworking, etc.), result in a decrease of available workstations for employees. The ‘New World of Work’ has made Cofinimmo rethink and rearrange its office buildings. It offers since 2016 innovative concepts, such as Flex Corner® and The Lounge®, in line with these new trends.